Sending e-mails to us

E-mail is not a secure channel of communicating. What you would not send in an open letter, you should not send in an e-mail.
Therefore, do not send sensitive or private information to our e-mail:

We will send you a reply within four weeks

We will answer you by letter within four weeks.
There are some questions we cannot reply to by email, as emails are not a secure channel.

Would you like a quicker reply from us?

If you go to and log in using BankID, you can choose to communicate with us electronically – which means that you will not receive letters in the post, just in your message box on My Page.

At the same time, you can choose to be notified by SMS or email when new messages are received in your message box.

Do you want to split the claim into part-payments or postpone payment?

You can do so yourself on If there are several claims against you, you need to log in.

Would you like to get an overview of our claims against you?

Log in to to get a full overview of the claims we have against you.

You can also use the 'Unpaid claims' service on the website to receive an overview by post.

Do you plan to send an application or documentation to us?

We recommend that you do not send sensitive information about yourself or others by email.

Log onto My Page at There, you can upload applications, documentation and other sensitive information intended for us in a secure way.

What do you need to log on

To log on to My Page, you must either have a Norwegian personal identity number or a Norwegian D number (temporary personal identity number) and in addition BankID or Bupypass or Commfides.

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