Motor vehicle tax

Have you sold or scrapped your car? If you were registered as the owner after 1 January, the annual motor vehicle tax is still your responsibility.

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Was the car sold after of January?

If you sold the car after the of January this year, you are still responsible for the annual motor veichle tax - even though the car is sold to another person.

When did you scrap your car?

If you scrapped your car after 20 March, but before 30 June, you have to pay half of the annual motor vehicle tax.

If you scrap your car after 30 June, you must pay the entire amount of the annual motor vehicle tax.

You can read more about the rules relating to the annual motor vehicle tax on "New in Norway (a website runned by The Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi):

Annual motor vehicle tax and scrapping

Can I pay by instalments (split up payment) or defer payment?

It is too late to defer payment or pay by instalments once the claim has been sent to us for collection purposes (legal enforcement of claim).

To avoid an attachment of earnings (i.e. what you owe will be deducted from your pay/ National Insurance benefits) or charges being established on property, assets or bank accounts, the amount must be paid in full.

You can pay the bank giro or pay by card on this website.


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