Part payment of your student loan?

If you want to the use self service function to arrange a part payment of your student loan, you should be aware of how this works. This may not be the best solution for you. Read more under the picture.

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The payment agreement is calculated from the entire student loan, not only overdue monthly payments

The payment agreement is divided by the amount of the entire student loan, including the interest of overdue loans (also calculated of the entire loan) and the overdue monthly payments.

You have to regularly check that you are not paying too much

As you pay your monthly amount to us according to the payment plan of our payment agreement, you have to regularly log on to “Dine sider” and check how much left there is to pay to us. When you have paid the overdue loan and the interest, we send your student loan back to Lånekassen.

If you pay «too much» this goes towards paying your student loan

If you pay us more than the total amount of your unpaid overdue loans and interest rate - we send that money to Lånekassen. This goes towards paying your student loan.

Your regular monthly payments to Lånekassen will be included in your payment plan with us

This can make your payment plan longer than expected. This is because your normal payment amount to Lånekassen must be included in your payment plan with us.

How much is the interest rate on overdue loans?


What is the best thing for you to do now?

Get your student loan back to Lånekassen

The best thing to do is to pay the amount that is needed to get your student loan back to Lånekassen, so you can pay by your ordinary payment plan there. The amount that you need to pay to get the loan back is stated in the letter from us.

If the student loan is collected by us rather than Lånekassen, there is an interest rate on overdue loans, calculated of the amount of the ENTIRE loan – getting the loan back to Lånekassen you only pay the standard interest rate of student loans.

Get autogiro (auto pay) in the internet bank/ ordinary bank to pay in time

We highly reccomend that you get an autogiro (auto pay) set to pay at the same day as you get pay/national insurance benefits. This can easily be set up using your internet bank or by asking in your local bank.

Ask Lånekassen for help if you experience financial problems

If your personal economy is difficult and you find yourself struggling to make the monthly payments, we urge you to contact Lånekassen who can help you to find a solution.



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