Remission of debt

What do you do?

Relevant forms

1 The application must be in writing. Application for remission of debt
2 You must state clearly why you think the debt should be cancelled.  
3 Enclose relevant documentation (see more information about the doucumentation that is needed in the application form).  
4 Send the application to us by post.  

What happens when you have submitted an application for the remission of debt?

In most cases, we have to forward the application to our clients.
The only cases we can decide are those involving reminder charges for fines, student loans and legal costs awarded to the state in civil cases.

We consider whether cancelling the debt can be seen as objectionable by society at large. For example, it will be objectionable if you deliberately do something to make your financial situation worse with a view to having your debt cancelled.

Even if you apply to have a debt cancelled, we do not stop enforcement of the claim while the application is being processed.

About fines, legal costs and confiscations

These cases are dealt with by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security after the police have made a statement in the matter. An application for the cancellation of a fine is regarded as an application for a pardon. You can send the application directly to the police or you can send it through us. If you send it through us, you must write in the application that you want it to be forwarded to the police.

About claims for damages

We send applications that concern the cancellation of damages awards to the party to whom the damages are to be paid.

About student loans

We process applications for the remission of student loans that have been permanently transferred to us.
In some cases, we assist the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund in connection with applications that concern terminated student loans.

About late payment fees

If you wish to apply for the cancellation of penalty charges for late submission because of your current financial situation, you must send the application to us.
At least 25% of the claim must be paid/covered before we can grant a cancellation.

If your financial situation is not the reason why you are applying for cancellation, you must send your application directly to the Register of Company Accounts (Regnskapsregisteret).