Employers making deductions from employees’ pay

Statens innkrevingssentral can cover outstanding claims by establishing a charge on real property, assets or bank accounts or by attachment of earnings (pay, including holiday pay, and National Insurance benefits).

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Attachment of earnings by us means that you, in your capacity as the employer, must deduct an amount from the employee’s pay (also applies to holiday pay).

What do you do if the employee has left the company?

Send a notification of when the employment relationship started/ended to the Register of Employers and Employees.

We will contact the enterprise where the employee is registered as an employee. If you as the employer forget to notify us when an employment relationship ends, it will be your enterprise we contact.

 Is the employee on long-term sick leave?

If the employee is on a long-term sick leave, you as the employer must contact us as soon as possible, so that deductions can be made by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV).

 New deduction in addition to what you already deduct from the employee’s pay?

We never order two deductions to be made at the same time, but we can order attachment of earnings at the same time as others, for example NAV’s Collection Centre, the Norwegian Tax Administration or other execution and enforcement authorities.

If we decide that a new deduction shall be made from an employee’s pay, it will be instead of the deduction we have previously ordered.

Reporting wage information to us

For small deductions, the enterprise will only receive a letter from us explaining how much to deduct from the employee's pay per month and when the deductions will stop.

If the enterprise receives a query about how much the employee is paid, the query must be answered at www.altinn.no (you will find the query in the enterprise's message box.

Does your enterprise lack registered users of altinn.no?
It is the enterprise's manager who is registered as administrator on altinn. The manager is authorised to create more users for the enterprise and can do so by logging on and selecting Access management > Delegate roles and rights.

Remember that the person who is going to fill in the form on behalf of the enterprise must log on and activate the function that allows him/her to act on others' behalf (a person/enterprise). Otherwise, you cannot be delegated a role by your manager

Did you report incorrect information?
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