How will the claim be collected?

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Voluntary collection

1. Invoice


2. Reminder

Amount of the claim +
NOK 512,50

3. Notice of legal enforcement of claim

Amount of the claim +
NOK 1537,50

Legal enforcement

4. Notice of attachment proceedings


5. Attachment proceedings



6. Imprisonment request


In cases involving serious offences or if a fixed penalty notice cannot be imposed, you can receive an ordinary penalty notice (fine). An ordinary penalty notice imposed through a judgment is a decision made by a court of law.

If you wish to apply for cancellation of the debt (a pardon) or appeal against the fine, it is the prosecuting authorities that will consider your application. Enforcement of the claim will not be stopped while the application is being processed unless we are told to do so by the prosecuting authorities.

We can consider applications for the cancellation of reminder charges.

Relevant legal authority

- a final and binding judgment, cf. the Enforcement of Claims Act Section 4-1 second paragraph letter a

- the Criminal Procedure Act, Section 456 third paragraph

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