How will the claim be collected?

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Voluntary collection

1. Invoice


2. Notice of legal enforcement of claim

Legal enforcement

3. Notice of attachment proceedings


4. Attachment proceedings


Your options

Claims for damages can concern compensation for non-economic losses (compensation for pain and suffering), incurred or future financial losses/expenses, compensation for the loss of a provider, compensation for personal injury or compensation for damage to property. These claims arise in connection with criminal prosecutions, either by binding judgment, an accepted penalty notice or a decision not to bring criminal charges.

We collect these claims from the guilty party once we have received authorisation/consent from the person who is to be paid the compensation.

If you wish to apply for cancellation of a claim for damages, it is only the injured party who can decide your application. Enforcement of the claim will not be stopped while the application is being considered unless we are told to do so by the injured party.

Relevant legal authority

- final and binding judgment, cf. the Enforcement of Claims Act Section 4-1 second paragraph letter a

- the Criminal Procedure Act, Section 456 third paragraph

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