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How will the claim be collected?

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Voluntary collection

1. Invoice


2. Notice of legal enforcement of claim

Legal enforcement

3. Notice of attachment proceedings


4. Attachment proceedings


If you do not respond to surveys from Statistics Norway (SSB), a coercive fine can be imposed on you after Statistics Norway has sent you reminders.

The coercive fine can either be a one-off sum or a fine payable on a running basis.

The vast majority of surveys of private individuals are voluntary, so such coercive fines usually concern enterprises.

If you wish to apply for cancellation of the debt or appeal against the fine, it is Statistics Norway that will consider your application. Enforcement of the claim will not be stopped while the application is being considered unless we are told to do so by Statistics Norway.

Relevant legal authority

- decision to impose coercive fines, cf. the Statistics Act, Section 2-3 first paragraph, cf. the Enforcement of Claims Act Section 7-2 letter d

- the Statistics Act Section 2-3 second paragraph

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