Subsistence rates

Mathmatic symbols

Subsistence rates for cases after of July 2023 (rates after of January 2023 in parenthesis)


Montly rate


10 412 kr (9 758 kr)

Spouses / cohabitants together

17 634 kr (16 526 kr)

Spouses / cohabitants individually 

 8 817 kr (8 263 kr)



Montly rate

0–5 years (until they turn 6 years)

3 332 kr (3 123 kr)

6–10 years

4 420 kr (4 142 kr)

11–17 years

5 580 kr (5 230 kr)

Are there more than three people in your household?
From and including the fourth person, we will deduct 20% of the subsistence rate for the youngest person in the household. 

Other rates we use in our case processing that will affect the calculation

  • Child benefit – The child benefit rate is NOK 1 766,- per month per child (ordinary rate) and it is included as part of your total income (you do not have to document this).
  • Child maintenance
    – Income – If you receive child maintenance payments from a parent who does not live with the child, or who has reduced access rights, this will be included in the calculation of your total income.
    – Expense – If you do not live with the child and pay child maintenance payments, this will be deemed to be an expense.

    Documentation of child maintenance?
    If it is handled through NAV, you do not need to document it. If the child maintenance payments are a private arrangement between the two of you, it must be documented.
  • Children’s pension – Is also included as part of your total income (you have to document this).
  • Access – If you do not live with your child but have access rights.
    Enclose the access agreement as documentation. Access is deducted as an expense at the rates stated below.

    Do you have more than two children? From and including the third child, we will deduct 20% of the access rate for the third child and for any other additional children.
    This only affects the calculation in relation to your dealings with us and has nothing to do with the child maintenance or access agreement.

Scope of access

The childs's age


0–5 years

6–10 years

11–14 years

15–18 years

Access class 1
(2–3 nights per month)

Kr 305

Kr 407

Kr 531

Kr 605

Access class 2
(4–8 nights per month) 

Kr 1011

Kr 1348

Kr 1760

Kr 2003

Access class 3
(9–13 nights per month)

Kr 1410

Kr 1881

Kr 2455

Kr 2794

Access class 4
(14–15 nights per month) 

Kr 1770

Kr 2361

Kr 3082

Kr 3507


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