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You are entitled to appeal against the case processing and our decisions in your case. In many cases, we will have to send your appeal to the party that established the claim (e.g. NRK, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, the police).

Your appeal will not stop the case processing.
It is only the desicion of an upheld of your appeal that can stop the case processing (upheld means that your appeal has been supported).

How do you appeal?

  • An appeal must be in writing.
  • It must be clear what your appeal concerns (an appeal against an attachment of earnings/benefits, case processing, the claim, tax set-off etc.).
  • You must state why you are appealing.
  • You must state what you wish to achieve by the appeal (a stop in deductions, cancellation of a claim etc.).
  • You must sign the appeal.
  • Enclose relevant documentation.

Form that can be used

Deadlines for appealing against the enforcement of claims

You can appeal as long as legal enforcement of the claim has not been concluded.

  • In connection with attachment liens, you can appeal against the National Collection Agency's (NCA) decision or actions, as long as the NCA has not requested enforced satisfaction of the claim (sale of security).
  • In connection with attachments of earnings, you can appeal against the National Collection Agency's (NCA) decision or actions as long as the deduction period has not expired.

You can also appeal against a decision by us to establish an attachment on particular assets, but, in such case, you must appeal within one month of being informed about the attachment.

Other deadlines for appealing can vary from case to case. We will inform you about them by letter.

What happens when you have submitted an appeal?

We consider appeals within three weeks of receiving them.
We will consider whether to reverse our decision before forwarding the appeal to the correct authority, if relevant.

If your claim is cancelled, any excess amount you have paid will be repaid to you. 


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