In order to be able to process cases concerning cancellation of debt, payment by instalments and attachments of earnings, we will often need documentation of your financial situation. Form that can be used.

In that case, you have to send us documentation, such as:

  • a copy of your pay slip or a National Insurance benefits receipt
  • copies of paid bills, such as municipal taxes and child-minding expenses
  • home insurance
  • housing loan/ rent
  • student ID card
  • tax assessment information

In some cases, we also take account of other documented expenses:

  • High electricity costs
    If your electricity costs are very high, you must send us documentation of what a whole year's consumption of electricity/heating has cost. We will then calculate the average per month.
  • Contact/access with children
    If you have access rights with your children, we need a copy of the access agreement and copies of receipts for travel expenses that you are obliged to pay.
  • Transport to/from your place of work
    If you have to travel to and from work by car, you must send us confirmation from your employer of how many kilometres you have to drive per day, as well as copies of your bills for annual motor vehicle tax and motor insurance. We can also take some car loan expenses into account.
  • Extraordinary expenses
    You must also document extraordinary expenses, for example high dental care expenses, expenses for your childs confirmation (not for gifts) or the replacement of household appliances.

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