Deductions – attachments of earnings

Mathematical symbols

Attachments of earnings or National Insurance benefits, i.e. deductions from pay, means that a fixed amount will be deducted from your pay/benefits every month by your employer or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV).

Before the attachment of earnings

Attachment proceedings will be initiated before we make deductions from your pay or benefits. You will always be notified before the attachment proceedings are held. In attachment proceedings, we decide whether what you owe will be collected through an attachment of earnings or an attachment lien, or both.

What should you do?

  • Check that the information in the notification is correct, or whether information is missing.
  • Any new information must be sent to us and you must enclose documentation.
  • Send the form and documentation to us by post.

How do we calculate the amount?

 Income (net pay or National Insurance benefits, child benefit etc.)
- Expenses (living expenses, child-minding expenses etc.)
- Subsistence amount                                                                                                                        
= Monthly deduction

If the calculation shows that you will not have enough left to live on (subsistence), we will not make deductions.

How attachment of earnings takes place

If we decide to initiate attachment of earnings, we order your employer or NAV to make the deductions. Your employer or NAV is legally obliged to make the deduction that we request.
An attachment of earnings will probably result in you being registered as payment delinquent.

Change the deduction?

If you believe that the basis for the calculation is incorrect, you must contact us and enclose documentation.


Consequences of an attachment of earnings for a cohabitant/spouse?

In principle, you as a debtor are responsible for your own debt. We do not make deductions from your cohabitant's or spouse's pay or National Insurance benefits, but from the pay or National Insurance benefits that you, as the debtor, receive.

We can calculate the deduction on the basis of the household's total income and expenses.

Your cohabitant or spouse can be affected by the deduction, because the household's total income will be reduced during the deduction period.

Appeal against attachment of earnings?

If you wish to appeal against a deduction, you must send the appeal in writing and enclose information about your financial situation. You have to document this information.


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