1. Bankruptcy

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  1. Employers making deductions from employees’ pay

    Statens innkrevingssentral can cover outstanding claims by establishing a charge on real property, assets or bank accounts or by attachment of earnings (pay, including holiday pay, and National Insurance benefits).

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  2. e-Invoices

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  1. Subsistence rates

    Subsistence is the minimum amount of money that you must have left over to live on after:
    - you have paid your regular living expenses, any expenses for childcare or child support.
    - we have made deductions from your salary/social security payments, offset money you owe against any tax credits you have or taken garnishments from a bank account

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  2. Student loans

    If you default on your student loan, Lånekassen (the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund) will transfer your loan to us. This is called a 'terminated student loan' or 'permanently transferred student debt', depending on how long you have been in default on the loan.

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  1. Tax refunds (tax set-offs)

    If you do not get a tax refund, claims against you will not be offset against tax.

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  2. Traffic and motor vehicles