Debt problems?

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What can you do if you have debt problems?

  • It is important that you act quickly. Your debt problems will get worse the longer you wait.
  • Draw up a realistic budget based on your income and necessary expenses. Find out how much you have left to pay your creditors.
  • Contact your creditors and explain the situation. Draw up a proposal for a solution. Is it possible to prepare a repayment plan for your debt?
  • Try to reach a better agreement with your creditors. Base the agreement on what you are currently able to pay. Do not offer more, but not less either, than you know you can pay.
  • Ensure that you have documentation in the form of copies of your household budget, pay slips, receipts for paid bills, a list of mortgaged assets etc.
  • Learn about your rights and obligations. Seek help if necessary.

Where can you seek advice and help?

Contact the debt counselling service in your municipality!
The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) also has a dedicated counselling hotline: 55 55 33 39.

The municipal debt counselling service is free and you have a right to help and assistance. Among other things, the debt counsellor can:

  • Help you to prepare a household budget
  • Give you advice about how to restructure your finances
  • Inform you about your rights

In most municipalities, you can also get help to contact your creditors, prepare a proposal for a solution and negotiate an agreement.

Some banks provide free counselling and guidance to borrowers.

There are also private consultancy firms. They charge for their services.

You can apply to the execution and enforcement commissioner for a debt restructuring arrangement if you are unable to arrive at a solution yourself or with the help of a debt counsellor.

The National Collection Agency's arrangements for people with debt problems

  • In many cases, we can offer an instalment arrangement or short-term postponement of payment. This might help if your debt problem is temporary?
  • We can write off some claims if you are permanently unable to pay them. We will forward the application to the correct party if we are not authorised to consider the matter.
  • We cannot write off claims resulting from criminal cases. If you do not pay a fine, you must serve a prison sentence instead. You can apply for a pardon, but the rules are strict.
  • We cannot write off claims for compensation in damages. Only the injured party can do so. You can send an application to us and we will forward it to the right person.
  • We can take part in debt restructuring arrangements. We use the Debt Settlement Act as a guide when considering all debt restructuring arrangements.

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