Credit history – when bills are not paid

Paper showing a list of delinquencies

Getting a negative payment record (payment delinquency) will make it difficult for you to obtain new loans, credit and subscriptions (e.g. mobile phone subscriptions).

When can I get a negative payment record?

•    When an attachment of earnings has been registered in your name
•    When attachment of liens, has been registered in property, securities or an account
•    When you have a court or compulsory debt restructuring arrangement
•    When you have personally been registered as bankrupt

When will my negative payment record be deleted?

•    When the claim has been settled in full or if the claim is cancelled for any other reason
•    When the attachment of liens has been deleted
•    When a debt restructuring period has expired
•    When administration of an estate in bankruptcy has ended

How quickly will it be deleted?

From the date on which we receive settlement from you, it will normally take no more than one to three days before your payment record is deleted in the Personal Property Register (Løsøreregisteret). Do you have an attachment of earnings? - we will not delete the negative payment record until your employer has paid all the deducted amounts from your salary, into our account.

NB: Financial and credit institutions submit requests for information to the Personal Property Register. The information is used to assess loans or credit. If they do not make daily enquiries, you may find that their information is not up to date.

Who can provide information about my credit history?

A number of credit companies are licensed by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority to run a credit information business. You can find out your credit history using for instance these websites:


Who will collect the claim I have been given a payment record for?

A private debt collection agency, the Norwegian National Collection Agency or other enforcement organisation may collect the claim.
If we collect the claim, you will be able to view unpaid claims and collateral that we have taken by logging in to Din side ("Your page"). You must have a Norwegian BankID in order to log in.

Can't find any unpaid claims in “Din side”, but the credit information agency says you have a payment record from an "enforcement authority"? In such cases, the payment record will not be from the National Collection Agency, but from another enforcement organisation.

Other enforcement organisations in Norway are:
•    NAV Innkreving
•    Tax Administration
•    Local tax collectors (treasurers)
•    All police/sheriff's offices, enforcement offices in large towns and cities.

If you don't know whether you should contact a police officer/sheriff or an enforcement officer, it may be easier to contact the creditor/debt collection agency (the company you originally owed the money to) in order to find out who they have asked to collect the debt.

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