Attachment proceedings

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In connection with attachment proceedings, we decide whether what you owe will be collected through an attachment of earnings or an attachment lien, or both.

  • An attachment of earnings is a deduction from your pay or National Insurance benefits. A fixed amount will then be deducted every month by your employer or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV).
  • An attachment lien is a charge on assets, such as real property, bank accounts or securities. We can then request enforced sale of the asset on which a charge has been established.

Before attachment proceedings

You will always be notified before attachment proceedings are held. In the notification, we will ask you to document your financial situation so that we can make the right decision in the attachment proceedings.
NOTE: It is very important that you reply to this notification with documented information about your economy (income and expenses). If we don't get the correct info from you, the deduction from your salary or benefits might be too high.

Do I have to attend at the attachment proceedings?
No. All attachment proceedings held by us are held at our offices. That means that we do not seek you out, but that the proceedings are held on our premises. You do not have to attend the proceedings at our offices in person.
As soon as the attachment proceedings have been held, you will be informed about the result in a letter.

Consequences of attachment proceedings for a cohabitant/spouse?

In principle, you as a debtor are responsible for your own debt. The National Collection Agency (NCA) cannot make deductions from the earnings or National Insurance benefits of your cohabitant or spouse. The same applies to property. We cannot establish an attachment on the part of a property that belongs to your cohabitant/spouse, only the part owned by you as debtor.

Do you want to cancel an attachment of earnings or attachment of liens?

If you pay the entire claim the attachment proceedings will be cancelled. You will then have no negative credit history and your employer or or NAV will not have to deduct from your salary.

When is too late to cancel the attachment proceedings?

  • "Pay by card"- service
    If you pay the entire claim by using our "pay by card"-service, you may pay at the latest up to 2 working days before the due date of the attachment proceedings, to cancel it.
  • Pay by internet bank
    If you pay the entire claim by using internet bank, you may pay at the latest up to 7 working days before the due date of the attachment proceedings, to cancel it.


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