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If you want to receive an e-Invoice, you have to do as follows:

  1. Log on to your online banking service.
  2. Use the first 8 digits in the Customer ID (KID) number on the invoice you have received to register the e-Invoice reference number.
  3. You will then receive the next invoice as an e-Invoice.


Why choose e-Invoicing?

  • It's easy – you do not have to enter long KID numbers and other payment information. All you have to do in your online bank is to approve payment of the bill.
  • Correct information - the invoice is filled in in advance, so the information is always correct.
  • Reminders – you can ask your online banking service to send you an email when a new e-Invoice arrives.
  • Availability – your invoice is always available in your online bank.
  • Overview – you can see which invoices are paid and which are not, and you can compare them with the previous invoice.
  • Environmentally friendly – less transport and less paper.


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