Are the deductions from your pay/National Insurance benefits too high?

Empty pockets

Do you have expenses that we can take into account?

You must to send us documentation of your actual expenses, such as living expenses, child-minding expenses etc.
Use the form for information about your finances, and remember to enclose documentation such as receipts or agreements/contracts.
Read more about what expenses we can take account of.

Has your income situation changed in relation to previous years?

We use the information about your pay that is available in previous years' tax assessments.
If you are now unemployed or if your working hours have been reduced, it is important that you document this change so that the deduction can be adjusted.

What can happen if you do not send us documentation about your finances?

If you do not send us documentation of your expenses, we will use estimated figures instead.
We use income information from previous years to calculate your income.

How could this affect your deduction?
If, for example, you pay more in monthly rent than we have estimated for you, and/or your income has been reduced without you informing us about this, then it will appear to us that the deduction from your pay could be higher.

Possible result:
the deduction from your pay/ National Insurance benefits could be higher than your finances can actually stand.

What must you document and how?

Read more about how to do this here: Documentation.

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